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Wood Rot Repairs

When you have some dry rot problems at your home, it is important to choose servicemen that first detect the root cause of problem. Dry rot is usually deep down layers and thus, covering it up with paint or any wood filler might not help you! Trust Bull18 painters for such sensitive services. We are dry rot experts for paintings, sidings, window installations and other services.

Dry Rot Repair Experts Team

We perform dry rot repairs for all kinds of spaces whether interior of home and offices or exteriors. Australia is humid and thus, you area might be having ample of sources like construction defects, long term leaks, moisture or failed exterior paints. Such events can cause heavy impact and devastating damages to your home via wood rot process. We are Australia’s most trusted name for tackling such issues.

Usually, wood rot comes out as an unpleasant and unwanted surprise. It might be that you are getting your roof shingle replaced and the worker tells you that your raft, bridge or deck is rotted. Or you are getting your paint done and notice that the wood under the previous paint is rotten. Nothing can be bad than this. Rot is likely to occur:

  • Exposed framing of crawlspace
  • Exterior windows and doors
  • Roof framing
  • Fascia
  • Underside roof decking

For any kind of wood rot needs, learn Bull18 name as your companion. We heal things at affordable prices without any additional charges in time efficient manner.

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